Coaching for the Critical Conversations



  • Create brilliant outcomes by imagining and capturing the full story of your critical conversations from start to finish.

  • Enhance your ability to plan properly for every important call with Storyboarding. Learn how to use it as a tool that underpins your success and transforms planning from boring to brilliant!

Visualising Success and Mindset

  • Prime your mind and body before your critical conversations, to enhance neural connections and improve your chances of success.

  • The facts are clear - high quality preparation starts in the mind, ask any top athlete! In this fascinating session, learn all about how visualising your success can train your mind and your body to perform optimally, regardless of the situation or challenge.



Value Introduction

  • Create instant value by reading the room, opening powerfully, and adding your personal brand to all critical conversations.

  • First impressions count, and this KAMClinic will help you nail your intro for any critical conversation. In addition, you will learn how to understand personality styles while leveraging your strengths for maximum personal impact!

Summarising Joint Actions

  • Summarise joint actions to professionally secure and then drive lasting customer commitments.

  • The close is dead, long live the close! No one wants to ‘close’ the door on customers, so learn how to summarise joint actions to open up new possibilities instead. Leave this session with a better understanding of the real commitment you are getting from your critical conversations.


  • Create a powerful feeling in the last 60 seconds of your critical conversations to have a huge impact and pave the way for your next meeting.

  • A good first impression is important however last impressions can be just as critical! In this session, learn how to maximise your emotional impact when you leave so you are welcomed back.



Path to Excellence

  • Get world-class results by celebrating what you do well and learning from what could have gone better.

  • We know that good is the enemy of great. In this useful session, explore a simple model to objectively assess your own performance and develop new habits that allow you to build on every critical conversation to maximise your impact in front of your customers!